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The thousands of years of history, natural beauty, perfect climate and enchanting islands’ atmosphere are reasons enough to visit this Mediterranean gem. As of this summer, there’s one more reason to come to For, as it is called colloquially in a local dialect. The race motto sums it up nicely – FOR RUN FOR FUN – have fun with a run, or a have a run with a fun, or just have a run – because having fun is guaranteed on the island  of Hvar.

The fun & run combination is exactly what we have in mind for you – the race that spans the main ridge of the island, from the town of Stari Grad to the town of Hvar, is an unmissable opportunity for you to have an unforgettable fun time, melding the islands’ beauty and the joy of running into one intoxicating experience.

During the long history of the island of Hvar, many battles have been fought for it, confirming its’ importance and territorial value again and again. All of its’ conquerors have left their marks in its’ history and shaped its’ future. This year, for one day, it will be conquered and rediscovered again by the runners’ from all over the world, being drawn to its’ beauty and feeling its’ charms, leaving their own imprint on it – one of friendship, perseverance and love of nature and fellow men.

Be a part of the FOR’s long history – FOR RUN FOR FUN!

Organizers: SA „Hvar Marathon“

IMPLEMENTATION: Hvar Half-marathon Race Commitee

– Joško Domančić
– Boris Reinić
– Dragan Janković

START: 19th of August 2017, 17:30, Ploča Square (trg Ploča), City Stari Grad, Island of Hvar, Croatia

FINISH: Sv. Stjepan Square (trg Sv. Stjepan) – City Hall, City Hvar, Island of Hvar, Croatia


ROUTE: Start is in Stari Grad. First half of the race is an ascent from the sea level to 400 m.a.s.l. The other half is a descent to the sea level in Hvar. The whole route is on paved roads, with markings at each 1 kilometer. Refreshment points are at 5km, 10km and at 15km. http://www.mapmyrun.com/hr/starigrad-splitsko-dalmatinska/hvar-half-marathon-route-32298370


YouTube Hvar Halfmarathon course


1st place / men , women / – 1.500,00 KN
2nd place / men , women / – 1.200,00 KN
3rd place / men , women / – 1.000,00 KN
4th place / men , women / – 800,00 KN
5th place / men , women / – 500,00 KN

Winners per category will be awarded sponsor’s medals and awards.


F-S (born in 1983 or younger) M-S (born in 1983 or younger)
F-35 (1978-1982) M-35 (1978-1982)
F-40 (1973-1977) M-40 (1973-1977)
F-45 (1968-1972) M-45 (1968-1972)
F-50 (1963-1967) M-50 (1963-1967)
F-55 (1958-1962) M-55 (1958-1962)
F-60 (1953-1957) M-60 (1953-1957)
F-65 (1948-1952) M-65 (1948-1952)
F-70 (born in 1947 or older) M-70 (born in 1947 or older)


All the participants registered via our website http://www.hvarmarathon.com should pay  the start fee on the  race day (20 EUR or 150 HRK) at the place of picking up the start number.

The deadline for applications via the website is August 18th, 2017 at 12.00 h.

The registration is also possible without the web application, on the  race day when the start fee will be 27 EUR  or 200 HRK.

The place of start number picking up and fee payment is in HVAR at City Hall (Gradska Loggia) from 18 to 22 h on Friday and from 12 to 14.30h on Saturday and in STARI GRAD in PLOČA SQUARE in the city center from 16 to 17:30 h.

Dinner and after-party for all runners will be held after the race near the finish line, in front of the City Hall and the hotel PALACE, starting from 20h.


At 15:00 a free bus for runners leaves from Hvar bus station to the race starting point in Stari Grad. The same bus will take the runners’ bags to the finish line in Hvar.

At 22:00 a free bus for runners leaves from Hvar bus station to the ferry port in Stari Grad. The last ferry (Stari Grad to Split) is at 23:00.